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-George Bernard Shaw


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Wednesday, December 25, 2002
Merry Christmas

...from me and my pink Christmas tree.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002
Okay, okay, she was right, okay?

Starting your Christmas shopping 3 days before the holiday in a New Jersey mall with rikki absolutely is a huge amount of fun, although I'm sure that has everything to do with the company and very little to do with the activity.

I took a relaxing bus ride, walked what must have been the 2-mile length of a huge outlet mall (where I got 80% of my shopping done!), paid $2.99 for a set of walkie talkies, bought what are undoubtedly the three most FABULOUS little girl outifits EVAH put together for my cousins (pink and maroon pleather pants! black and white zebra print dress!), saw a tree decorated with breakfast sandwiches, began my love affair with Target, ate dinner at a perfectly fabulous New Jersey diner, was thrilled to find that rikki's kids remembered me ("I've been waiting to see you all day!" awwwww!) and even found the pink Christmas tree I've been searching for ever since I saw one in the window of the gay bar I hit with Zack last weekend. Do you understand? A PINK CHRISTMAS TREE. I am in love with it.

And I also discovered that if I ever have to have another root canal done, I'm absolutely bringing rikki with me, since it seems I can do just about anything with her and still have a truly offensive amount of fun :)

Right now, there are three huge shopping bags full of presents and a suitcase full of dirty laundry and assorted clothing by my front door that I will have to carry onto a train to Philly sometime this afternoon. A train full of obnoxious, rude, irritated, tired New Yorkers trying to get home on Christmas Eve. Pray for me.

Merry Christmas Eve.



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